Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another 50 to come...

Travelled south of the border on the weekend to help my partner Y's brother celebrate his 50th birthday.

I'm in the middle of 50ths I think as only half my friends and acquaintances have past the half way mark to their own personal centenaries.

Y is happily past hers and her brother is a middle child, so one more to go on her family's side, and I've got one left of my siblings to go.

K, my younger sister has discovered the concept of fitness and now runs half marathons, is a personal trainer and makes her siblings both proud and sad - proud that she has achieved so much and sad that the rest of us have already started a decline from general fitness that is perhaps to be expected at the age of 50!

K is winning in her challenge but we all await her 50th in a couple of years to see if it is all too good to be true. On present form I'm sure she'll win :-)

er, see ya at half past...

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