Thursday, August 12, 2010

Now I'm really pissed off...

The Wilderness Society is having a go at the "missing in action" pollies on climate change and the environmental front.

Greg Hunt and Peter Garret have been AWOL since the campaign started; well it is a junior ministry! Don't even get me started with Penny 'Puppet' Wong.

I know there are many issues that we need to take into account to help the country develop, help people live safe lives and keep the world in peace.

However the single most important over-riding issue is our living environment. Without the clean earth that we live on, life cannot go on. Without clean air, we will slowly get sick. Without a way past the short-sighted rent-seekers in industries who pollute, we will loose hope.

Our grasping for every new technology has put a barrier between us and the world around us. We have become like monarchs in our castle who don't actually know what is going on really deep down in the kingdom below them. The powers that be seem only to listen to the shrillest voice - pushing short-term self interest over the interests of the planet - yet they are also locked in the castle and equally clueless.

Pollies, just listen to the people. The voters who have their say but once every three years. Just bloody fix it, get it over and done with just like the vast majority of the scientific community say it needs to be done. Don't wait until it is too late. Don't be the ones in the history books blamed for mass extinction of species.

Or are you all just too gutless?

(sigh... er, see ya at half past...)

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